Following the further Government notice and one from the Kennel Club the club will now close until the end of June. This is regrettable but at least will help to prevent the spread of this infection. We will keep you informed if this status should change.


Demand for our Puppy Foundation Course is very high.

Please note, we are happy to confirm puppy class availability via Phone or Email. However, we cannot reserve places via email or messages on our social media platforms.

Attending our Club in person with a payment up front will guarantee a place on our puppy training course

Details below are correct as of 17th March 2020. Please contact to confirm latest availability


Date Availability
9th January 2020 Full
27th February 2020 Full
16th April 2020 Full
4th June 2020 10
16th July 2020 10
10th September 2020 10
29th October 2020 10